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Grant Funding
Currently offering free qualification checks for the ERC grant

Aside from our funding products, which require your company to pay for the money borrowed or the equipment financed, Somati Funding also seeks out grants to assist businesses with costs. Owners need not worry about paying back grant money. That's free money!

Because you deserve it. 


Our current grant is the ERC grant. You can qualify even if you already received the PPP grant. Somati connected an average of $311,389.50 with the businesses we helped so far. This is money our clients will not have to pay back! 

General Qualifications:

1. United States companies only

2. Anywhere from 5-500 employees

3. At least 5 full-time W2 employees (can combine two p/t employees to make one f/t employee)

4. Must have been in operation for at least one quarter of 2020 and/or 2021

5. This is the Employee Retention Credit grant so the grant is for those companies who retained employees through at least a portion of the pandemic. It's best to call or email to schedule a call because it's free and you may qualify when it seems you don't.

6. There must be evidence that your company had to make sacrifices during the pandemic. Reach out for a list of examples. The sacrifices do not necessarily have to be evident in a loss of profit. 

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Small Business Owner

We partner with companies who can take care of everything, only asking for the relevant paperwork to qualify and apply on your company's behalf. 

If you do not qualify and receive payment, you do not have to pay for that service. You do not pay anything until you get the grant money in your bank. 



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